Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum quantity of oil I can order?
A: Trading Standards determine that the legal minimum our meters are approved to deliver is 500 litres of  fuel but to get good value for money you need to order at least 900 litres. If cashflow is an issue use our budget payment EASIPAY scheme to order more fuel and spread the payments.

Q: Do I need to be in to receive the delivery?
A: All our trucks have Trading Standards Approved meters so you can be sure the documentation we leave is accurate - If you are able to provide safe access to your oil tank for our driver when you are out you do not need to be there. In addition we can text you the day before delivery so you know to leave access to the tank the following day.

Q: How long is the delivery hose?
A: About 150 feet - remember we can often reduce the need for a long hose by passing it over a wall or hedge and delivering from the road.

Q: How big is the delivery tanker?
A: All our lorries are around 8 ft wide and need an access road to your tank at least 9 ft wide without very sharp bends but we have a range of 2, 3 and 4 axle vehicles. The 2 axle vehicles carry less but are much more manouevrable due to a tighter turning circle. If we need to access your property please let us know if you have any lightweight manhole lids.

Q: How do I know the price you are charging is fair?
A: Oil prices change daily with the world market - it may go up due to a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico or down due to a report being published showing Russian production of oil to be higher than predicted - please request to see our graph for the recent history and our current advice.

Q: How quickly do you deliver?
A: Normal delivery is usually within 5 working days and express delivery is usually within 2 working days but these get stretched in very busy periods so please check when you place your order (online or telephone). If you have run out or are very low we can often reshuffle deliveries to fit in an extra drop but depending on the route there may be an extra cost - please telephone for this service.

Q: When do I pay for my oil?
A: If it is your first order we require payment by debit or credit card at the time of order. If you order again within a year we will give you a 7 day credit account. If you want to spread payment on the first load we advise you to set up an Easipay account where we take half the amount by card and the balance by monthly direct debit.

Q: What happens if I pay by Debit Card or Credit Card at the time of order but my tank doesn't take the full amount ordered?
A: We refund the amount pro-rata straight onto your card.

Q: Can you deliver on weekends?
A: We usually only deliver on weekends when we are very busy or by special request at extra cost. If you need to be home for a delivery we can often arrange an early delivery as an alternative.