Official reseller of AdBlue manufactured by GreenChem

At Silvey we can schedule regular deliveries of AdBlue in whatever volume you require, wherever you are in the UK. We offer a complete solution from tank installation, through to monitoring and automated supply, plus a range of dispensing equipment. We even offer customers a no minimum order guarantee

Why AdBlue?

AdBlue reduces harmful emissions particularly NOx. from heavy duty diesel engines like the new Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks. The technology that uses AdBlue (SCR) gives a fuel saving of – on average – 5%, more than recovering the cost of the AdBlue. It is also used in modern plant and agricultural machinery.

In order to ensure that our customers have access to a reliable source we have teamed up with the UK’s largest manufacturer, GreenChem, whose AdBlue is certified to ISO–22241.

Ordering AdBlue Why Silvey?

When you buy AdBlue from Silvey we will assign a dedicated account manager who will look after all of your fuel requirements. You can order either via phone or email.

Once your order is placed we will:

  • Manage the delivery of AdBlue, and advise you when the delivery is scheduled
  • Ensure you have a competitive market price at the time of purchase
  • Supply AdBlue-related equipment, pumps and large storage tanks
  • Offer full maintenance and customer support