AdBlue, fuel additives and lubricants

If your business has fuel additive needs, including diesel fuel additives, and lubricant requirements call us on 01454 333020 to discuss.


Silvey is an official dealer of AdBlue Solutions from GreenChem.

AdBlue is available at the Chippenham and Bridgwater sites for Fuel Card users, see our site finder for further AdBlue location details.

AdBlue is the solution that is needed by the new Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks to reduce tailpipe emissions – particularly NOx. The technology that uses AdBlue (SCR) gives a fuel saving of – on average – 5%, more than recovering the cost of the AdBlue. It is also used in modern plant and agricultural machinery.

Silvey delivers AdBlue in small and large packs– and we supply the specialist equipment that is needed to store and dispense it. We can also give you free advice about the best AdBlue Solution for each situation.

For more information about GreenChem and AdBlue, contact your local office.



Silvey supplies a range of additives to help make fuel made to a generic specification perform to its optimum in different circumstances. For example standard kerosene heating oil is made to work in jet engines as well as a range of different types of burner from industrial furnaces to domestic boilers and even Aga cookers. To ensure our customers get good fuel efficiency and appliances work to best effect between services we offer or Betterburn and BetterburnV additives.

We offer additives for most applications so if you have a fuel problem please ask!


Silvey supplies a complete range of lubricating oils and greases in packs, barrels or in bulk to meet all automotive, agricultural, commercial and industrial needs. Just tell your local office what you need and they’ll be delighted to assist.