Bulk bio-fuel delivery for business

We can supply bio diesel and bio gas oil by arrangement, from B5 to pure B100 blends. Contact your local depot to discuss your requirements.

Bio diesel blends explained

  • B5. Bio diesel as a 5% blend with 95% diesel, this is now permitted within the EN590 diesel specification. This is becoming more available across the UK, you may have unknowingly used this in your vehicles already
  • B20. Bio diesel 20% diesel 80%, Many vehicle manufacturers now allow the use of B20 and will be covered under warranty, B20 offers reduced emissions, good compatibility with engine components e.g. seals and hoses, and excellent cold weather performance
  • B50. Bio diesel 50% diesel 50%. Vehicle manufacturers should be contacted to ascertain suitability of B50
  • B100. B100. Pure bio diesel. If your vehicle can run on pure bio diesel, B100 offers the greatest emissions reduction. Great for use in summer, but during cold weather bio diesel will freeze unless you have fuel preheaters fitted to your vehicle

Material Safety Data Sheet - Bio Diesel