Keeping homes and businesses warm

Silvey Oils supplies kerosene meeting BS 2869, Part 2 Class 2.

Our kerosene is a light distillate fuel used for domestic oil heating systems and commercial / industrial processes requiring low sulphur fuel.

We can deliver kerosene in any quantity from 500 litres and we keep 20 litre cans of kerosene at our offices at Yate near Bristol, Lee Mill near Plymouth and Llantrisant near Cardiff for customers to collect. These cans are ideal for fuelling small heaters or for keeping your boiler going until we can deliver.

We run a mixed fleet of four and six wheel vehicles so we can get to most delivery points. If you have access difficulty at your property or business, please contact your local Silvey office for advice.

Download the Domestic Heating Oil Account Application Form.

Material Safety Data Sheet - Kerosene