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betterBURN is a fantastic alternative to standard kerosene. betterBURN has  been developed exclusively to deliver efficiency savings and environmental benefits to our customers… and what's more it smells great.


betterBURN is perfect for standard pressure jet boilers. If you run a vaporising burner, such as an AGA, then don’t worry… just ask for betterBURNv.

Order today and you will start to enjoy the following benefits:

  • 10% efficiency savings – Improve your fuel economy; burning kerosene forms deposits on the nozzle and heat exchanger which can reduce your boiler efficiency by over 10%. betterBURN contains fuel stabilisers which inhibit deposits forming when heat is exchanged meaning your boiler can operate more efficiently.
  • Maintenance savingsbetterBURN promotes and protects a clean fuel system as it contains corrosion inhibitors, which prevent rust from developing in your heating oil system. This will reduce fuel related service problems and help you save on costly maintenance. 
  • Sweeter smell – better for you and the neighbours. betterBURN has a vanilla fragrance enhancer that helps reduce the smell of kerosene, especially in the warm summer months. You will instantly notice the difference.
  • Better for all – optimised burner performance means lower CO2 emissions, better for you and the environment.
  •  No hassle to change – switching to betterBURN is easy – no set up or engineer consultancy is required. All you need to do is order betterBURN or betterBURNv next time you are in need of heating oil.

Download the Domestic Heating Oil Account Application Form.

If you have any queries please give us a call on 01454 333020 or email betterburn@silvey.co.uk.