Frequently asked questions about betterBURN heating oil

Is this product more expensive?

Although there is a pence per litre difference when compared to regular home heating oil, our lab tests show that in the majority of boilers the efficiency savings  of over 10% will more than cover the cost.

How do I know BetterBURN has been delivered

BetterBURN has a vanilla fragrance enhancer that is instantly noticeable once the fuel is delivered. Many customers enjoy this benefit as it reduces the kerosene odour which could annoy neighbours or in some instances is left lingering in the house. In addition you will also receive a metered delivery ticket confirming the product delivered.

Is BetterBURN compatible with the existing kerosene in my tank?

Yes, they will be completely compatible; however any initial dilution of BetterBURN will reduce the effect of the improvements in combustion quality. This will improve after subsequent fills.

Why does heating oil age?

Being natural products, all hydrocarbons degrade over periods of storage although the rate of degradation depends on storage conditions. Degradation causes increased deposits which leads to inefficient combustion.

How much longer can I store BetterBURN than standard kerosene?

There is no minimum shelf-life for home heating oil, however, using BetterBURN, which contains storage stability and anti corrosion additive, we would anticipate that the product should be fit for purpose for up to 3 years.

Can I use betterBURN in my green house?

It is recommended that a maximum sulphur content of liquid fuels to be used for CO2 enrichment in greenhouses is 0.04% sulphur. Providing a check was made to confirm that the sulphur content of the BetterBURN delivered didn’t exceed this amount then it could be used in normal domestic greenhouse burners.

Will this product effect my AGA?

Aga cookers rely on several factors to ensure stable operation. Primary factors are the thermal stability and the char value of the product. Typically, Aga’s were designed to run in class 1 kerosene- better known as paraffin. If you currently burn class 2 kerosene then we would recommend BetterBURNv as it has thermal stability additives that promote a cleaner burn within the AAGA to prevent char build up on the burners.

Will any warranties on my boiler and equipment be affected?

No, the product meets the same British standard BS2869 as normal kerosene and therefore should not have effect on any warranties.

Will there be any adverse effects to the product in very cold or very hot temperatures?

No, the additive will not be affected by extremes in weather, in fact the additive helps the fuel remain fresher for longer in very hot temperatures.