An alternative to standard Kerosene: betterBURNv

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betterBURNv is the alternative to standard kerosene specially designed for consumers who own an oil fired appliance which uses a vaporising burner, such as an AGA. betterBURNv has been developed to enhance system efficiency by chemically inhibiting the formation of deposits and fuel ageing (oxidation).


Order today and you will start to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Maintenance savings – betterBURNv contains additives which chemically inhibit the formation of deposits and fuel ageing (oxidation). 
  • Perfect AGA fuel
  • Clean tank – over time oil will begin to oxidise in your storage tank. betterBURNv additives helps to stabilise your fuel keeping it fresher for longer.
  • No hassle to change – switching to betterBURNv is easy – no set up or engineer consultancy is required. All you need to do is order betterBURN or betterBURNv next time you need heating oil.

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