Remote oil tank monitoring

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Let’s face it, most of us have an endless list of things to keep us occupied. Some are fun, like spending time with family and friends or going on holiday. Others such as putting the bins out or managing your fuel deliveries are less so. Our oil tank monitoring system can help. 


easiLIFE from Silvey can help you find a bit more time to enjoy the fun things in life and also avoid the nightmare of running out of heating oil just when you need it most. Using remote monitoring technology, which we fit to your heating oil tank, we can perform daily checks on your tank level. When you start to run low we can schedule a delivery and get you topped up. And of course we can call you in advance to confirm the details.

With our easiPAY monthly payment plan you won’t even have to worry about making a payment when the delivery arrives.

Not only does the easiLIFE technology help to monitor your normal oil use ensuring that your tank never runs dry, the remote monitoring software can also help to highlight abnormal usage caused by tank leaks or fuel theft.

With our oil tank monitors, the result is that you have one less mundane task to worry about.

Call your local office today and sign up for an easiLIFE or download the heating oil application form.



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