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    We offer reliable, prompt fuel supply, and provide a number of services to ensure your fuel supply is easy, safe and efficient.
  • We are so dedicated to offering the best quality service, we offer a service guarantee!

    If we do not deliver on the day we said we would, you get a discount on not only that order, but also your next fuel delivery!
  • As oil fuel specialists, we help you understand what oil prices are doing.

    We offer market watch; a service that shows you what the current and future trend of fuel prices is predicted to trade at so you can make the best purchasing decision.

Gas Oil


Ultra Low Sulphur Gas oil

We sell high quality ultra low sulphur gas oil  containing 10 ppm (parts per million) sulphur. It is duty-rebated (dyed red) diesel for off-road use, typically in agriculture, construction, power generation and marine applications.

Gas oil can be delivered in any quantity subject to a minimum of 500 litres or alternatively we have it available for collection at our sites at Chippenham, Bridgwater and Llantrisant as long as you have a fuelcard and a container. We also keep barrels of gas oil at our Llantrisant depot. If you don't have a fuelcard, we will be very pleased to supply you with one - just call 01454 333022. For delivered fuel please call your local depot (see 'Contact us').

Material Safety Data Sheet - Gas Oil 10 ppm Sulphur
Material Safety Data Sheet - Gas Oil 1000 ppm Sulphur (not currently available)