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Welcome to South Wales' and the
West Country's Local Oil Supplier

We are an independent reliable fuel supplier that has been successfully distributing Diesel, Gas Oil, Kerosene (Home Heating Oil) and Petrol throughout South West England and Southern Wales since 1954.

We have built our success through continuously striving to ensure we always offer quality assured products, competitive prices and an exceptional delivery service.

Not sure which heating oil to buy?
Heating Oil/Kerosene
Our Kerosene is a light distillate fuel used for domestic heating
and commercial / industrial processes requiring low sulphur fuel.

A cleaner, kinder, fresh smelling Heating Oil which also reduces
running costs.

Our diesel contains up to 7% biodiesel in line with the diesel
standard BS EN 590

Standard Gas Oil
Gas Oil is duty-rebated (dyed red) for off-road applications.
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