• Fuelling South West England and Southern Wales for over 50 years!

    We offer reliable, prompt fuel supply, and provide a number of services to ensure your fuel supply is easy, safe and efficient.
  • We are so dedicated to offering the best quality service, we offer a service guarantee!

    If we do not deliver on the day we said we would, you get a discount on not only that order, but also your next fuel delivery!
  • As oil fuel specialists, we help you understand what oil prices are doing.

    We offer market watch; a service that shows you what the current and future trend of fuel prices is predicted to trade at so you can make the best purchasing decision.




Silvey have been a longstanding fuel supplier to the agricultural market throughout South West England and Southern Wales for over 50 years.  With extremely low prices at market and ever tougher climate conditions, we work hard to ensure our fuel prices are kept as low as possible, without compromising our exceptional service standards.

We offer Market Watch to many of our farming clients to ensure they are kept informed of what the fuel price is doing, so they can make a better decision on when  to purchase their fuel depending on what the fuel trading price is doing.

We can supply Gas Oil, Diesel, Kerosene and a range of agricultural lubricants delivered safely and efficiently

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